How to sell stocks

Overview of how to sell stocks, Step by step guide for how to sell stocks, When to sell stocks, How to sell a stock immediately, When to sell a stock for profit, Conclusion

How to sell stocks is a question for every newbie investor that we buy shares but how can I sell my stock when will really need it to sell?

The ace investor always follows an investing strategy to buy and sell stocks and they strictly follow it. one should buy stocks according to own investment strategy and research.

When one should take a trade, he took trade according to his investing strategy. Consider your investing strategy and strictly follow it before you sell your stock.

How to sell stocks
How to sell stocks

Step-by-step guide for how to sell stocks

Basically, the ability to buy a stock at right time and sell a stock right time makes you a good investor. To make a profit in the stock market, you have to make both decisions at right time.

There are three steps that you can follow to sell your stocks –

  1. When to sell stocks
  2. Consider your investing strategy before selling stocks
  3. Select order type for sell stocks
  4. Place a sell order

When to sell stocks

The decision to sell a stock is often more difficult than buying it in the stock market when you sell early your stock and it will go higher than definitely, you will miss profit.

Same as if you sell too late the stock is down or plunges, and you also miss the opportunity to make a profit. So What to do?

You should know when to sell the stocks, There are many reasons for selling stocks by investors.

Reasons to sell a stock

  1. When the initial buying decision was a mistake
  2. When the price rises dramatically
  3. When you invest strategy provides a signal to sell
  4. When your target hits
  5. When you find something better
  6. When a company’s business outlook has changed
  7. When the valuation of a company no longer reflects business reality
  8. When the finances of a company suddenly change
  9. When the rival company issues bad news
  10. When you need funds for an emergency

You can have your own reasons to sell a stock, maybe you have another reason to sell a stock.

Consider your investing strategy before selling stocks

Top investors have a good investing strategy, investors in the stock market always have an investing strategy and they have to follow their strategy to make a profit in the stock market.

You should consider your investing strategy first before selling the stocks. Does it indicate whether you to sell your stocks or not to generate profit in the stock market?

Select order type for sell stocks

There are some order types in the stock market –

Market order: A request to buy or sell a stock ASAP at the best available price.

Stop-loss order: A market order that is executed only if the stock reaches the price you’ve set.

Limit order: A request to buy or sell a stock only at a specific price or better.

Stop-limit order: it is a combination of a stop order and a limit order.

You can select any above order types to sell a stock.

Place a sell order

When you decide to sell a stock and you consider your investing strategy to sell it, you need to place an order to sell.

Just log in to your brokerage account, select the stock and go to the sell section and select order type and submit your request. Your order will be executed successfully

How to sell a stock immediately

If the stock market is open you can sell your stock immediately at market price by placing your order type as a market order.

You can sell your stock Immediately in the stock market, stock market provides the flexibility to cash your stocks immediately so you can use your stock in emergency situations.

When to sell a stock for a profit

Sell a stock for a profit when it reaches the target according to your investing strategy.

You should strictly follow your investing strategy to make a profit in the stock market.


Selling the stock at right time is very necessary to book a profit in the stock market, Generally, it seems tough to sell a stock at right time in comparison to buying a share at right time.

Following your investing strategy is important to generate profit from the stock market, also make an investment strategy to buy and sell stocks and strictly follow it.

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