How To Invest In Stocks

Invest in stocks: How to invest in stocks step by step Guide, Learn the basics term of the stock market, Conclusion

Learning how to invest in stocks for beginners is important because, the stock market is not so much complicated as people think, it is complicated without knowledge.

Understanding basic terms of the stock market is necessary so you can read the financial statements and do proper fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks.

How To Invest In Stocks
How To Invest In Stocks

Step by step Process of how to invest in stocks

  1. Open a Demat account.
  2. Set aside an investment budget and goals.
  3. Find out three different ways to invest.
  4. Invest in stocks yourself.
  5. When to sell stocks.
  6. Continue investing in stocks with investing discipline.

Open a Demat account

The first step of investing in a stock is you have a Demat account, so you can buy or sell stocks for that account.

The saving account stores your money the same as the Demat account store your stocks.

You can buy stock and stocks will park in your Demat account and when you sell stocks it will be out from your Demat account.

Set aside an investment budget and goals

You have to align your goals means you will know clearly why are you investing in stocks.

Goals are different for every investor for some it may be buying a house, buying a dream car, or another a world tour.

You must be specific about your goal of investing so it can help you to take decisions on how many years you have to invest and how much you have to invest every month or year.

Find out three different ways to invest

Diversification is very important in the stock market because if you invest all your capital in one stock and accidentally the company will shut down your all money will ruin.

One should diversify their investment and invest in different sectors, stocks, etc

Invest a minimum of 10 % of revenue for your future from your salary, rent, shop, or other things. No matter where you earn money at least invest 10% of your earned money for your future.

Invest in stocks yourself

It is important to one should invest oneself in the stock market so one should learn from mistakes and explore more of the stock market.

For newbie investors, select a good large-cap company and buy shares when it will at a low price for long-term investments.

Avoid penny stocks, and don’t go for quick money, there is no shortcut to earning money in the stock market.

Do your proper research on a stock like technical and fundamental analysis, visit the company site and understand the company business.

Start learning about the stock market, check 5 years’ company records, read the company’s annual reports and deeply analyze and then implement it to buy a stock.

When to sell stocks

You have learned there is no shortcut to money-making in the stock market and the stock market is not so simple if it is simple everyone prints money from it.

It is very important for a good investor to know when should sell stocks or when is the right time to exit from stocks.

Mostly we invest in our future or future goals so don’t exit unnecessarily from stocks, only exit when the emergency comes. basically, we save money for emergencies.

Exit or sell stocks when suddenly company fundaments go wrong.

Continue investing in stocks with investing discipline

Continue investing in the stock market makes you disciplined and enhances your skills of investing with confidence.

Discipline is important in the stock market, find out a proper method of investing and follow it strictly, control emotions, and greed, and be patient.

Knowing the pulse of the stock market means reading the newspaper and articles related to the market so at least you know what is going on in the stock market.

Once you know the market situation you are able to make sound financial decisions to buy or sell stocks.


Apart from the above mentions these steps of investing in stocks, one should read and gather knowledge of stock markets.

With more information, one should collect and implement in the stock market that much confidence with profit will come in the future.

Knowledge of the stock market never goes waste if you share or implement it regularly, it will take you to the height of the stock market.

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